A Competitive Speech and Debate Documentary Film

If My Judges Are Ready?” is a documentary film project following a group of homeschool speech & debate competitors from Texas through the 2017-2018 season.

For behind the scenes pics and info, follow us on Instagram: @speechdebatedoc and on Facebook: www.facebook.com/scottlinkmedia. Join our email list and  Click HERE to see a proof of concept short film on Amazon. I shot that short doc to see if it would be possible to capture a decent story during a competition. This project is much broader in scope, and I cannot wait to show these stories to you!


About this Film

If My Judges Are Ready? is a documentary film project following a group of homeschool speech and debate competitors from Texas through the 2017-2018 season of competition. The story is the personal struggle of each competitor to overcome their own limitations, perfect their pieces and navigate the tournament schedule in order to compete in the national tournament at the end of the season. The film will give the audience a glimpse into the life of these competitors, show what it’s like to be in a club, to select content, practice and practice, be judged on performances, win, lose, and learn.
I became interested in doing this project once I saw how being involved with speech and debate helped my own children. The built-in conflict of striving to improve in their own performances as well as the competition in the tournaments is an interesting story.
This will take a year to shoot and months to edit. It’s a massive endeavor. And it’s a part time project for me, since I will still be on staff on at large church during this time.
Who should watch the film? Anyone who is interested in speech and debate, which includes anyone who is a part of Stoa. Speech and debate families. Homeschool families, and generally anyone who is interested in forensics and competition. We all be promoting the film to, well, you and your friends and family. Stoa, Toastmasters, American Forensic Association, National Speech and Debate Association, and any other speech and debate organizations who would be interested in this project.